Welcome to From the Range

Welcome to the new/improved From the Range blog.  New because I moved over from Blogspot, Improved because this blog will be updated regularly.  Promise.  Girl Scouts Honor.  No, really.

You may have wandered over here from our website, The Rare Hare Barn, and if you did, you may be wondering why that particular title for a blog  about rabbits.

Rabbits are the species we have chosen to produce, conserve and market most regularly, but we also have a small herd of Pineywoods cattle, Jacob and Navajo-Churro sheep, a flock of Nankin bantams, and some mutt chickens for eggs.  As well as the ubiquitous farm dogs and cats.

Oh, and a herd of horses (too many if you ask Eric) but that’s a subject best saved for a cool pint of beer.  Or two.

Our farm is located on the tail end of the Flint Hills region of Kansas, the most endangered ecosystem in North America, which is one of the many facets of From the Range.

Another facet is that From the Range means literally, From the Stove.  We love to cook and with access to such great, wholesome, homegrown food, it’s a lot of fun.  We make it a game sometimes to see if we can produce a meal made entirely from things grown here, and with the exception of butter, we can pretty often get it done.  I can a lot of produce from the garden ( I make a mean salsa!) and we really like to play with our food.

Food will be a primary focus of this blog, both in it’s pre-food state and on the plate.  Food issues are going to be getting more intense in the coming months, and while I certainly don’t claim to have any of the answers, maybe we can generate some lively discussion and help figure out some solutions together.

So, welcome to the new, improved From the Range and please feel free to leave a comment.  It’s rather lonely here in cyberspace without your input.



About Callene Rapp

Welcome to From the Range, a blog about our adventures on the prairie, raising cattle, horses, sheep, chickens and...rabbits?
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2 Responses to Welcome to From the Range

  1. Dillon says:

    I will gladly attest to the garden fresh “mean” salsa!

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