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What’s in those Chicken Nuggets?

So What’s in those Chicken Nuggets? A while back a picture surfaced on Facebook of what looked like creamy ice cream or cotton candy or something really….pink, and upon further inspection it turned out to be a big ol’ bunch … Continue reading

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Good bye, Year of the Rabbit!

  Tomorrow begins the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and alas, we must say goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit. According to lore, the Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be a year in which you can catch … Continue reading

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2011 In Reflection

2011 was a busy year for The Rare Hare Barn.  We started out by finishing up the rehab and therapy on my leg, which I decided to break in 2010, just for kicks.  Who knew the doctor wasn’t kidding when … Continue reading

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The Great Canadian Hare Lift, 2011

So, you might remember that early last year, we sent some American Chinchilla rabbits to a rabbit friend in Canada. It was quite an adventure, but the rabbits arrived at their destination safe and sound and only a trifle jet-lagged.  … Continue reading

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Rare Hare Air Lift 2010

* This post was originaly posted on my blogspot blog, which died a terrible screaming death in August of last year.  I’m reposting it here because there is actually a part two to this story wich will be up later this … Continue reading

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Beef Comparison: Pineywoods vs. grocery store

We picked up our first Pineywoods beef from the locker last week.  It looked really good,  with nice color appearing very, very lean, as you would expect grassfed beef to be.  But in the interest of science, we thought we … Continue reading

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Rabbit Recipe: Rabbit Pot Pie

This was a recipe I found in a magazine a while back, that is actually a recipe for a chicken pot pie, but as you might imagine, we don’t eat a lot of chicken in this house.  Many chicken recipes … Continue reading

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Endangered …Breeds?

SPECIES VERSUS BREED “Are American Chinchilla rabbits really on the endangered species list?” Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Sort of. We are used to the concept of endangered species. We’ve all heard stories of the decline of the Bald Eagle, … Continue reading

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Getting Started With Rabbits, Part One

This article originally appeard in the March-April American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s newsletter. Heritage Rabbits, 101 By Callene Rapp While I hesitate to say raising rabbits is easy, because raising any livestock – especially rare breeds – comes with specific challenges, … Continue reading

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Real Food or SOFAS?

Welcome back to Food for Thought Friday. SOFAS? No, not the comfy couch with the remote and a beer within reach.  SOFAS is a new acronym that stands for “Solid Fats and Added Sugar”.  Basically all the junk that is … Continue reading

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