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2011 In Reflection

2011 was a busy year for The Rare Hare Barn.  We started out by finishing up the rehab and therapy on my leg, which I decided to break in 2010, just for kicks.  Who knew the doctor wasn’t kidding when … Continue reading

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Beef Comparison: Pineywoods vs. grocery store

We picked up our first Pineywoods beef from the locker last week.  It looked really good,  with nice color appearing very, very lean, as you would expect grassfed beef to be.  But in the interest of science, we thought we … Continue reading

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Rabbit Recipe: Rabbit Pot Pie

This was a recipe I found in a magazine a while back, that is actually a recipe for a chicken pot pie, but as you might imagine, we don’t eat a lot of chicken in this house.  Many chicken recipes … Continue reading

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Real Food or SOFAS?

Welcome back to Food for Thought Friday. SOFAS? No, not the comfy couch with the remote and a beer within reach.  SOFAS is a new acronym that stands for “Solid Fats and Added Sugar”.  Basically all the junk that is … Continue reading

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Lamb Chops

This is a photo of some lamb chops from one of our Navajo-Churro lambs we had processed last year. If you are unfamiliar with the Navajo-Churro, info can be found at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s website albc-usa.org The Navajo-Churro … Continue reading

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Salsiccia di Coniglio al Aceto

(a.k.a. Rabbit Sausage with Vinegar) I love cookbooks.  I love recipes.  I have more cookbooks and recipes than I could realistically ever use in my lifetime, and still one of my favorite places in the world is the cookbook section … Continue reading

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Welcome to From the Range

Welcome to the new/improved From the Range blog.  New because I moved over from Blogspot, Improved because this blog will be updated regularly.  Promise.  Girl Scouts Honor.  No, really. You may have wandered over here from our website, The Rare … Continue reading

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