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2011 In Reflection

2011 was a busy year for The Rare Hare Barn.  We started out by finishing up the rehab and therapy on my leg, which I decided to break in 2010, just for kicks.  Who knew the doctor wasn’t kidding when … Continue reading

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The Great Canadian Hare Lift, 2011

So, you might remember that early last year, we sent some American Chinchilla rabbits to a rabbit friend in Canada. It was quite an adventure, but the rabbits arrived at their destination safe and sound and only a trifle jet-lagged.  … Continue reading

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Beef Comparison: Pineywoods vs. grocery store

We picked up our first Pineywoods beef from the locker last week.  It looked really good,  with nice color appearing very, very lean, as you would expect grassfed beef to be.  But in the interest of science, we thought we … Continue reading

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Roundup Unready

The herbicide Roundup seemed like a good idea in the beginning.  After all, it was designed for no till crop systems, reducing the need for plowing up the soil bed, and exposing precious soil to the elements and erosion.  What … Continue reading

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Lamb Chops

This is a photo of some lamb chops from one of our Navajo-Churro lambs we had processed last year. If you are unfamiliar with the Navajo-Churro, info can be found at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s website albc-usa.org The Navajo-Churro … Continue reading

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Food for Thought Friday

Welcome to Food for Thought Friday.  This will be a regular series of posts on food, food issues, food in recipes, sourcing food, food in general.  So to start off, here is a post from the fantastic Mark Bittman of the NY … Continue reading

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Conservation by Consumption

* This post was originally published on our first blog, in June of 2009, but it is still relevant today!  Conservation by Consumption At first, to talk about eating a “rare” breed of anything sounds counterintuitive. After all, if there … Continue reading

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